WE set up your tickets. YOU can focus on selling them.

My Top Tickets provides perfect online ticket-booking solutions to event organisers, visitor attractions, venues, businesses, organisations, communities, and charities. Whatever your ticketing needs we can have you set up and ready to sell your own-brand tickets, typically within 60 minutes. Plus, if you regularly stage events we can provide you with your own-brand platform that only features your tickets and events. 

Rapid Ticket Set-up

We set-up your event tickets online, within 60 minutes, so you can sell them via your website, social media platforms or on our websites.

Free Dedicated Assistant

We provide you with a dedicated personal assistant to set up your tickets and provide you with on-going support.

Free Event Profiling

You can profile your events on your platform, or we can do so on ours for FREE – so customers can easily see and book your tickets.

Easy Book for Customers

Our tickets are simple for your customers to book, whether on desktop or mobile devices. 

Instant Customer Tickets

Customers receive tickets instantly by email and they can also download them directly from their PC or mobile device.

We Manage Payments

We manage your customer payments via Stripe, a global leader in secure payment technology. Our system accepts all major payment cards.

Scan me in Scotty!

It's easy to check-in attendees. Our tickets are numbered, have customer details & scannable QR codes. We can provide attendee lists and scanners.

Real-Time Reports

We provide access to online reports so you can monitor all bookings and see how well bookings are performing against targets.

Your Brand Shines

Your tickets can feature your logo, a photo image and your brand colours through the entire booking - we stay in the background so that you shine!

Tickets to Mozart or Santa!

We can do all types of tickets from simple ticketing for concerts and fun-runs to more complex time-slot and calendar ticketing. 

Charities & Communities

We have a range of ticketing solutions and platforms to support charities and communities who are either fundraising or using events to engage their community.

Serial Event Organisers!

If you organise or stage multi-events throughout the year, talk to us!  We have a special system that allows you to creatively profile and sell branded tickets to your events. 

What differentiates My Top Tickets? We do ALL the work, so you don't have to!

Is this you? You want to sell your event or venue tickets online, but it either requires an investment cost, or it’s a challenge to find the right system. Even then it’s a hassle to set it up and manage and monitor it all. No more! My Top Tickets can do it ALL for you, to free you up to focus on promoting your event or attraction.


Plus, our set-up services are generally FREE. We derive our income through bookings. Whenever you sell a ticket, we charge a small fee to cover our services. You can decide whether to absorb this fee within the ticket price (you get slightly less) or to pass it on to your customers (they pay slightly more).

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