Here are the questions we are most frequently asked

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Q: Who are My Top Tickets, and what are the ticketing services you provide?

A: My Top Tickets is an Irish Company. We specialise in providing online ticket-booking solutions and services to event organisers, visitor attractions, venues, businesses, organisations, communities, and charities. We can have your tickets set up and ready to sell on your platform or ours within 60 minutes. 


Q: There are other ticket providers, any differences?

A: Yes, there are other ticket providers, and we are different. In addition to matching or bettering the services others provide, a significant difference is our boast that 'we do it all, so you don't have to'. It's not a slogan! 

Some ticketing companies require you to invest in their ticketing system - we don't. Some ticketing companies require you to enter into time-related contracts - we don't. Most companies require YOU to do all the ticket set-ups on their systems - again, we don't. Instead, we work WITH YOU to set up your tickets and manage the online bookings from the set-up through to the time you are paid. 

We are also told we are very easy to work with (ask any of our clients - they say so!).


Q: Is your ticketing service expensive?

A: No, not at all. Our set-up services are generally free. We derive our income almost exclusively through bookings. Whenever you sell a ticket, we charge a small fee to cover our services.

You can decide whether to reflect and absorb this fee within the ticket price or to pass it on to your customers as a booking fee (they pay slightly more).

The per ticket fees we charge are very competitive (and, within this, we absorb the cost of the payment card processing and transaction fees that other ticketing companies add on).



Q: What types of events can you provide ticketing for?

A: We can do the ticketing for most events from simple ticketing for single-date events to more complex time slot and calendar ticketing. We also set up all the admission types and prices, and we can set up capacity controls by date, time slots, and admission types - as appropriate. For example, imagine an Easter or a Santa event with 75 available time slots, each accommodating up to 15 children and with the capacity controls per slot ONLY applying to children and toddlers but not to adults (to plan the gifts), and with an added criteria that members are to get a discount. Like most ticketing requirements - this is no problem for us as we've already done this one!

Currently, we do not cater for events or entertainments which require seat-mapping and for the tickets to feature row and seat numbers, e.g. theatre and stadium seating.



Q: We have just ONE event, and it's small - can we use your service?

A:  whether it's for events with attendances of tens or of thousands, we would be happy to provide our ticketing service.


Q: We already use a ticketing service - any reason we should switch to you?

A:  if you are asking the question, you must be open to the idea - and that's always a great start. You'll find the services we offer on this website, but we would be keen to hear from you so we can understand what you do, and we can then see how we can best support you. Remember too, with us, there are no investment costs, no contracts required, no technology requirements and we can provide ticketing for day admissions and/or events. In addition, if you organise or stage multi-events we can offer a unique platform (to your branding) that can showcase your events and facilitate online bookings. And, we can have your tickets set up with 60 minutes for simple ticketing and within a couple of hours for complex time slot ticketing.

Finally, we are always happy to provide a demonstration, and you can always test us for a single event!


Q: We run free events, can we use your service for registrations?

A: We do say 'we do it all, so you don't have to'... and therefore there is work on our part for every event we set up ticketing or registrations for - which is a cost to us.  We also derive our revenue from bookings. Therefore, if you are a client and we are getting a mix of business, i.e. a good balance between paid and free events, we can set up your free event registrations. If you operate all or mostly free events and want to use our services, we can do so for a fee. 


Q: We want to sell some but not all our tickets online

A: You can allocate any number of tickets online. However, our strong advice, based on our learnings, is to at least sell all your individual tickets online, and for several good reasons.

Q: Could we see your booking system in action?

A: Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate our systems. Please contact us, providing us with your details, and we will set this up.


Q: You mention that tickets can reflect our brand, please explain.

A: Many of our clients invest a lot in their branding. Therefore, we take the view that not alone should the tickets reflect your branding, but the entire booking journey should. The booking journey for every ticket we set up is unique and can feature your logo, brand colours, one photo and any messaging you wish to convey to bookers. We stay in the background so that your brand shines.



Q: Are you GDPR compliant?

A: In a word, 'Yes'. Any information we gather is only ever used for the purpose intended, and that is to fulfil the booking - this is explained to those who book online. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for transaction security, and we use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe is a world leader in secure payment processing and is used by millions of businesses around the world from Amazon and to UNICEF and Oxfam. Stripe is certified to PCI Level 1, the highest level of certification available. Using Stripe enables us to securely process bookings from customers using any major credit and debit card.  We pay all event ticketing revenue directly to your account immediately your event is over (in the case of visitor attraction ticketing, we pay monthly).


Q: What type of clients do you currently work with?

A: We work with a diverse range of clients, including the following: 





Control Visitor Flows

During these uncertain times, and because of the importance of social distancing, controlling your visitor flows is essential. You want to optimise attendances, but not have crowds arriving at any one time. Our systems can manage flows any way you wish. 

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