As an organiser of CORPORATE EVENTS, you want a ticketing/registration system that's 'the business'.

We can set up a ticketing/registration solution for one or more corporate or business events from training programmes and seminars to conferences. You'll be able to see how well your event is booking from the moment it goes live, and you can easily check them into the event.




10 important things to know about our Event Ticketing and Registrations



#1: Rapid-set up: We can set up your online event ticketing and registrations, rapidly. Simple tickets with all admission types, validity dates, and capacity controls can be online and for sale within 60 minutes; complex calendar and time slot ticketing within a few hours.



#2: No technology requirements – it just happens: All tickets are set up on our systems and then seamlessly integrated with yours for an excellent customer booking experience. There is no requirement for any advanced technical changes to your website, we simply provide you with a unique link to your tickets that seamlessly integrates your website and the tickets.


#3: Sell on your website or social media websites and/or our consumer websites:  You can sell your tickets on your website or social media websites and/or on ours. Your tickets can be booked wherever the link to the tickets we provide you with is used.



#4: Your Branding: The entire customer booking journey features your branding and your messaging – customised to every event ticket. The on-screen messaging, the email and the ticket the customer receives instantly online can feature all the event details you wish them to have.


#5: No investment cost, no 'lock-in' contracts:  Unlike many other providers, there are no investment costs and no 'lock-in' time contracts (unless at your request). We are happy to work on the basis that you value our services.


#6: Simple for Customers: Customer bookings/registrations are simple to make on all desktop and mobile devices. The customer buys your event tickets or registers online and gets their PDF tickets instantly both on-screen and by email. They can either print and present their ticket at your event or display it on their phone or tablet. There are a number of ways to check and redeem tickets. We can provide lists of attendees to check-off, and a means to scan, check and cancel printed tickets and tickets displayed on mobile devices.


#7: Secure Bookings: We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for transaction security, and we use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe is a world leader in secure payment processing and is used by millions of businesses around the world from Amazon and to UNICEF and Oxfam. Stripe is certified to PCI Level 1, the highest level of certification available. Using Stripe enables us to securely process bookings from customers using any major credit and debit card.


#8: Real-Time Reports: You will have access to your own real-time online report that will enable you to see both summary and detailed booking and registration updates on your event – how well it’s booking for any date or time slot. This provides you with beneficial information. It signals, for example, whether or not you need to increase your promotional activity to achieve your targeted attendance numbers. It also provides you with crucial information on how many you can expect and by the type of admissions you are selling tickets for e.g. adults, students etc. This allows you to staff appropriately and to gear up to provide any catering or other services for these numbers.


#9: Fast Payment. We collect all ticket payments, and we pay immediately the event is over. 


#10: Creative Ticketing: If you can think of a ticket type, we can almost certainly set it up.





Do you organise, stage or promote multi-events?

If so, you should check out our free events page solution that seamlessly integrates with your website, and is branded as yours. It enables you to present any or all of your events clearly and you can accept bookings and registrations, plus it has lots of unique features.


Ask for a demonstration or try us for one event!

We are always pleased to demonstrate our systems and services to event organisers. You could also try us for a single event to see how it works for you!


Test Our Different Types of Bookings Here!

You can test a range of bookings types here from SANTA and EASTER EVENTS with calendar dates and timeslots, to Concerts with added-on booking fees, and event tickets with strike-through discount pricing for members.

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If you stage multi-events, here's an offer!

If you organise, stage, or promote multi-events during the year, you should check out our FREE events page solution that seamlessly integrates with your website, and is branded as yours. It enables you to present any or all of your events clearly and you can accept bookings. Plus it has lots of unique features.

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Test a Simple Event Booking Here

Would you like to test a booking of a fictitious New Year's Event to see what the experience is like for your customers?

You can test it here, it by-passes our payment system of course!  In this way, if you use your real email address you will get a sample ticket downloadable on-screen and emailed to you, as your customer would!

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