The booking journey, from ticket purchase to your bank account

#1: Your customer books online

You actively promote your tickets, highlighting where they can be booked online. Your customers can book on any online platform that uses the ticket link we provide you with. This may be via your website, Facebook or other social media platform, a third-party platform and/or our consumer websites. It's a simple, secure and proven process. 


#2: Instant tickets

Once your customer books and pays, the tickets are instantly released online. The tickets are PDFs, readable on all devices, and can be instantly downloaded by your customer from the booking confirmation screen. The tickets are also automatically issued to the customer by email.


#3: Online payment

Your customer pays securely online. We use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe is a world leader in secure payment processing and is used by millions of businesses around the world from Amazon and to UNICEF and Oxfam. Stripe is certified to PCI Level 1, the highest level of certification available. Using Stripe enables us to securely process bookings from customers using any major credit and debit card.


#4: Tracking bookings

If you have a client account with us you can track your bookings online in real-time. Or, we can provide you with frequent booking updates.


#5: Customer queries and refunds

If the customer has a query in relation to your attraction, activity, or event, they are directed to your point of contact (which features on the ticket). If the query specifically relates to the purchase payment, they are directed to us. We can also manage and refund payments to a customer's account in line with an agreed policy.


#6: The customer arrives and presents their tickets at your attraction or event

The customer will arrive at your attraction, activity, or event, with their ticket. It may be printed off and presented or shown on their mobile device as an eTicket (in accordance with your policy). Our tickets carry the name of the booker, the composition of the party (e.g. two adults) and the ticket price. It also carries a unique ticket number and a QR code that can be checked.


#7: Checking the validity of the ticket

Our tickets can be checked online or on any mobile device using a downloadable QR Code Reader App. They can also be invalided using the app, so they cannot be presented again. In the case of events, you will also have a list of attendees you can check against - which can be sorted by 'name on ticket' or ticket numbers for ease of checking. Our tickets can also be checked using handheld scanners.


#8: We pay you

We pay by bank transfer directly to your account. In the case of events, we pay within 48 hours of an event's completion. For attractions and activities, we pay monthly by bank transfer directly to your account. We also provide itemised payment reports with the attendance listings and the individual amounts paid - matching the overall revenue transferred to you.

Test Our Different Types of Bookings Here!

You can test a range of bookings types here from SANTA and EASTER EVENTS with calendar dates and timeslots, to Concerts with added-on booking fees, and event tickets with strike-through discount pricing for members.

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Test Them Here

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Test a Simple Event Booking Here

Would you like to test a booking of a fictitious New Year's Event to see what the experience is like for your customers?

You can test it here, it by-passes our payment system of course!  In this way, if you use your real email address you will get a sample ticket downloadable on-screen and emailed to you, as your customer would!

Test a Booking Here