If you stage multi-events, use our free micro-site, branded as yours, and embedded within your website for a seamless customer experience.



Here's what you should know and how it works for you


#1: If your organise events throughout the year, My Top Tickets can provide you with a free multi-events profiling and booking solution. We have developed it based on our learnings over several years.


#2: We manage your event profiling content, and all the ticketing set-ups, so that you don’t have to.


#3:  We design what is a micro-site to match your branding, and it’s set up to integrate seamlessly with your website. There are no special technology requirements, we can provide you with a link to put behind your events and it then all ‘just happens’.


#4: Of course, if your events are already profiled on your website, and you are happy with how they present, we can provide a link from any or all of your events directly to your event tickets which we set up.


#5: The events page presents all your events in summary view, with click-throughs to the detailed event profiles.


#6: The summary view automatically displays all your events in chronological order, appealingly presenting them in a single view. If you have lots of events, the system allows them to be filtered by month or by any event categories you wish. Because the events are first presented in summary view, it also means you can signal future events even if the full details are not yet confirmed.


#8: The detailed view provides your target audience with as much detail as you wish on each event, and the essential information is presented consistently. This includes the event name, the venue, the event dates and times, the prices, and the ‘call to action’ booking or registration button. The profile view also includes the venue location and mapping details for each event – which means the system is perfect whether the events are in one location or multi locations.


#9: The Booking Button can be pointed to any of our ticket types, including day admissions tickets (where the event is free but a day visit ticket is required) or to single date or multi-date event tickets with or without time slots.



Questions we are sometimes asked


Q: It's a free micro-site, branded as ours, but are there any criteria?

A: Only that you should have several events during the year, in one or more locations, and that they are actively promoted. We must also expect to be the beneficiary of a reasonable amount of ticket sales.



Q: We stage/promote events, but some involve third-party organisers with their own booking systems.  Does this mean we cannot use your system? 

A: We regularly encounter this and understand the issue. Provided we are the ticket provider for some of the events, with the expectation of a reasonable amount of ticket sales, we can profile third-party events and point the 'book now' button to their ticket provider.  



Q: We stage events, but some are free. Can we use the system?

A: That's OK, we encounter this too. Provided there are a reasonable amount of events with ticket sales, we can profile your free events. We notice that sometimes 'free events' require a day visit ticket. We can do and link both.






Test Our Different Types of Bookings Here!

You can test a range of bookings types here from SANTA and EASTER EVENTS with calendar dates and timeslots, to Concerts with added-on booking fees, and event tickets with strike-through discount pricing for members.

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If you stage multi-events, here's an offer!

If you organise, stage, or promote multi-events during the year, you should check out our FREE events page solution that seamlessly integrates with your website, and is branded as yours. It enables you to present any or all of your events clearly and you can accept bookings. Plus it has lots of unique features.

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Test a Simple Event Booking Here

Would you like to test a booking of a fictitious New Year's Event to see what the experience is like for your customers?

You can test it here, it by-passes our payment system of course!  In this way, if you use your real email address you will get a sample ticket downloadable on-screen and emailed to you, as your customer would!

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